Portable Mosquito Killer With Air Purification


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It is super effective compared to the common mosquito killer lamp. This is a mosquito/flies killer light with beautiful wall design, the ultraviolet rays attract the flies and they are electrocuted. It does not only kill mosquitoes, but it also adds to the beauty of the interior of the room and operates quietly at night, so you would not be disturbed and can let you fully enjoy your sweet sleep. It is useful in the living room, kitchen, offices and restaurant etc It is a very safe guarantee because you don’t need to spray any chemical to kill a mosquito. No toxic, no chemical and no odor produce. it is healthier than traditional pest repellent or bug zapper, spray and incense. It does not harm kids or pregnant women.



1.This mosquito killer is based on the living habits of mosquitoes and flies in the dark, when consumers use this product, please placed it in the dark corner of the environment or where mosquitoes and flies are often found. the effect will be better.

2.When using according to the square of the room, you can adjust the brightness of the UV LED light through the switch

3.For the product to work better, do not lean the product against the wall or cover the air inlet and outlet of the fan to keep the fan running


1.When mosquito killer is operation, the negative ions generated by the high-frequency high-voltage brush operation can calm the dust in the air to kill allergic substances and remove the smell of the room

2.The mosquitoes and flies are attracted by the ultraviolet light of the UV-LED lamp, and the mosquito is sucked into the net when it is near the fan then be killed


1.When cleaning the power grid of the mosquito killer, first turn off the power supply, uncover the protective net cover, touch the power grid with a screwdriver, put off the residual power of the capacitor and then clean it with the small brush

2.After cleaning the grid, cover the protective net cover and turn on the twist switch to work

NOTE: No inbuilt power bank, but it can work with power bank. the color is green

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