Portable Home-Based Popcorn Maker


.This unique Popcorn Maker, makes healthy, delicious corn snacks without added calories, as you would not need to roast your corn in oil. This versatile hot air provided by the popcorn maker can help make up to 18 cups of fresh, hot corn snacks in less than 3 minutes. The handy butter melter doubles as a measuring cup, while the chute directs corn snacks right to your bowl. It’s just perfect for game night, movie time with the family or making snacks at a party. The great thing about it is that it is easy to use and can be used at home. it is handy , fast and reliable. it is electric powered by plugging to source of electricity. it is very easy to clean after use. it is best for both indoor and outdoor use.make the corn and have the fun of tasty snacks wherever you are, anyday, anytime. enjoy the taste.


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