Non Sticky Air Stir Fry Pan


NON STICKY AIR FRY PANNon sticky air stir fry pan fries without oil or any other source of fat non sticky air stir fry trilogy is an innovative, multi-purpose dry cooker, with which you can fry for the whole family without oil.It has three heat towers for increased heat exchange on the edge of the pan that allow the air to circulate inside the pan and dry cook the food. It can be used on the stove (except induction) or in the oven thermowell technology. Cooking in dry cooker trilogy with closed lid activates its thermodynamic capabilities. Through the three heat towers on the bottom, the hot air is coming into the pan. The super heated conducting currents dry cook the food. This revolutionary feature of dry cooker trilogy allows you to dry cook, bake, roast steam and fry on a lower heat settings for maximum energy saving with just a drop of oil or other fat while locking moisture in the food and preserving all nutrients and natural juices. Easy to clean, long term use. For healthy & quick cooking


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