Floor Spray Mop ° Rotating Head


This easy to use 360°rotating mop head is the perfect mop to eliminate even the most stubborn dirt, oil stain, pigment in hard-to-reach corners of your home easily and quickly.It saves time and water: The  water sprayer does a good job of covering the area ahead of you on the floor, built efficiently but still light enough for you to carry up & down stairs without having the use of a heavy messy bucket.It is harmless to the floor, it also comes with a reusable microfiber pad that works for all floor types, such as Hardwood, Laminate Wood, Ceramic Tiles and etc.Also it s equipped with a near perfect hand-grip control and rod length, making floor cleaning easy and simple.
How to use:Put the microfiber pad with the mop head together
Connect the two poles with the connector, and insert the lower pole into the mop head
Fill the bottle with water
Grasp the spray handle; see the water spraying. Install Complete


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