Andrakk 16′ Rechargeable Mist Fan+20Watt Solar Panel+ FREE USB CABLE




Provides humidity for 13HRS-20HRS only with AC CURRENT (i.e, NEPA or Gen)

When the weather gets too hot and the ordinary fan begins to emit hot air. The Andrakk Rechargeable Mist fan provides an air cooling effect through its automatic water automization function. It cools the air by drawing water from the in-built 2.1ltrs water can to provide the much needed humidity in the home. It is sleek and beautifully designed, providing more aesthetics for the home.


With the  18V20W solar panel, you can take advantage of the abundant sunlight to charge your rechargeable fans and lanterns. No more total reliance on NEPA. The 18V20W Solar Panel is suitable for battery capacities of 6v4.5ah; 6v7ah; 12v4.5ah & 12v7ah, and it takes 12-24hrs to fully charge a fan with the solar panel.

CHARGING TIME : 8 to 10 hours under direct sunlight


  • Open battery compartment with a star screw and connect battery terminals before first use.
  • Charge battery for 8-12hrs before first use
  • To save battery life, Mist works only with AC current and carries on with a life of its own when power goes off, just for your comfort

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